El Penedès offers a unique and special landscape that is characterized by its endless vineyards, splashes of farmhouses, cellars and cavas.

The region of Alt Penedès is governed by the landscape pattern of the vineyard, which, through the wine and cava industry and its associated clusters, generates a particular socioeconomic fabric. The vineyard alternates with streams and woods and with argillaceous soils of a reddish color, typical of our lands, and this with the silhouette of Montserrat as a unique and singular scenic background.

While the cultivation of the vineyards occupies most of the plains of Penedès, the biodiverse areas with trees and bushes predominate in the periphery of the region, in the areas of greater relief where the habitats are associated with the river areas. This territorial diversity of habitats offers a range of environmental conditions and ecological resources that species use appropriately. A 21% of the region is under the protection of the Special Plan of Natural Interest or of Natura 2000 Network, being the mountains of Ordal and the parks of Foix, Olèrdola and Garraf the most significant ones.

The presence of numerous examples of rural architecture, such as farmhouses, vineyards and dry stone walls, along with cellars and cavas, is a characteristic element of Penedès. Moreover, a rich network of roads allows access to the territory and getting into the rural landscape. Visiting wineries, staying in between vineyards, tasting their gastronomy and their wines and cavas, participating in popular festivals and discovering the territory with the cultural routes or the pathways routes between vineyards, are all part of Penedès tourist offer.

Landscape, smells, flavors, emotions … The Penedès is a land made of shades that is opened to the visitor, close and vital. To know it, we must follow the clues that years and tradition have left in the territory, in their culture and in their way of doing. To discover these clues, you can follow the many proposals and experiences that will bring you to the different facets of this land, while showing you certain attributes of the character of Penedès: wine and cava, art and architecture, urban life, landscapes … Together, they provide a reliable portrait of a land made of itself, cultivated and worked, that faces the future without losing sight of its origins.