The results and methodology of LIFE Clinomics are transferable and replicable in the climate area of Southern Europe and can be a reference, particularly the methodology, for the other two European climate areas, the center and the north. In order to achieve this challenge two pathways will be followed: the presentation of the project progress through the established collaborations of the beneficiaries at Spanish and international level and the replicability and transferability actions planned in the project.

The project coordinator and partners have the capacity and will include LIFE Clinomics progress on adaptation to climate change in the agenda of collaboration meetings with entities with which they have agreements or membership. DIBA has agreements with the main sustainable networks of Spain (in Girona region, in the Basque Country, in Andalusia and in Navarra) and the Mediterranean area (in Italy and France), is a member of ICLEI and coordinator of the Covenant Mayors and Mayors ADAPT. The partners CCB, UGTCAT, CONC and UPCAT are engaged, through the association or the confederation with business entities or unions at Spanish and European level.

DIBA has stablished a collaboration agreement with the CONAMA Foundation in order to promote European projects during the national CONAMA and the local CONAMA events. From 2017 onwards LIFE Clinomics will have a main role in CONAMA to promote replication.

LIFE Clinomics plans replication actions that will mainly focus on developing sectorial meetings of stakeholders of southern Europe and the Mediteranean area, in order to give them information, raise awareness and offer education and training to replicate the project’s actions in their territories. DIBA will focus on local authorities, CCB on companies, CONC and UGTCAT on workers and UPCAT on farmers.