“Fostering resilience. Opportunities and challenges of the local economy and society to adapt to climate change.”

CLINOMICS  will run for three years (June 2016-June 2019) with a total budget of 1,392,349 € and receiving 60% funding (835,278 €) from the European Union. The rest is a contribution of the promoter and beneficiary partners.


Climate change threats people welfare, built heritage, economic activity, urban systems and natural systems.

Currently, many activities in the territories are not ready to face the new climatic conditions. There is a high vulnerability of public services and economic activities to this phenomenon.


The Life Clinomics seeks to launch new investment processes of public bodies, especially municipalities and private companies of some representative sectors, in order to reduce their vulnerability, to anticipate climate impacts and to increase their resilience, improving competitiveness and increasing occupation.

Clinomics aims at increasing resilience of Mediterranean local authorities through intervention in three territories (Terres de l’Ebre, Alt Penedès and Montseny Natural Park – Biosphere Reserve) and in different economic activities (tourism, fisheries, agriculture and forestry).

The project will develop organs of territorial and socio-economic participation, studies and documents (such as the action plans and adaptation strategies), tools for local authorities and socio-economic actors (such as methodologies and pilot tests). Moreover, Clinomics will generate knowledge, training and information for stakeholders, awareness raising for society, as well as other elements that should facilitate adaptation action.