The main objective is to build resilience of the Mediterranean Local Authorities operating in three different territories and in three significant economic activities.

Other essential objectives are:

  • To draft climate change adaptation action plans and strategies and to create the appropriate conditions to make its material and financial implementation a reality in a short term, while strengthening social participation.
  • To provide tools to the Local Authorities which allow them to launch climate change adaptation processes at an affordable cost to avoid irreversibility points and exorbitant future costs.
  • To incorporate adaptation to climate change in the action of Local Authorities.
  • To develop a climate change adaptation planning model that can be replicated in the Mediterranean area and in South of Europe and that can be useful to other European countries.
  • To establish criteria to attract private investment.
  • To launch local investment processes with private-public partnerships to implement climate change adaptation measures in the territories and in the economic activities.
  • To organize an active and coordinated response for the adaptation to climate change of all stakeholders of the territory.
  • To modernize local economies to adapt to climate change, increase competitiveness, improve the market position of enterprises and create new jobs.
  • To demonstrate, through the implementation of six pilot actions, the possibilities of the adaptation measures, their costs and their benefits.
  • To apply and contrast already developed methodologies and to summarize response projects already done in order to optimize efforts through the existing knowledge and by replicating previously developed actions.
  • To create knowledge, capacity and information on the impacts of climate change in the territories and the economic sectors involved in the project, as well as on the actions that reduce or eliminate those impacts.
  • To raise awareness among citizens, stakeholders and Local Authorities on the impacts of climate change and to promote their active participation in both private and public actions on adaptation.
  • To inform economic stakeholders of the financial consequences of not adapting to climate change and of the negative impact it can have in operating accounts and insurance costs in the mid and long term.
  • To extend Mayors Adapt participation among municipalities of Catalonia.