Third joint meeting MeTACC (May 9, 2019)

2019/05/03|Diary, Terres de l'Ebre|

This III MeTACC will be the last joint meeting of the three territories. The objective is to assess the synergies between the activity of the three MeTACC's and the different Action Plans. Also, identify the difficulties that we have encountered, make a first balance on the possible real impact of the project, the plans and the final actions and discuss its continuity.

Second joint meeting MeTACC (February 26, 2019)

2018/12/05|Diary, Montseny|

Joint meeting of the Territorial Tables of l'Alt Penedès, Montseny and Terres de l'Ebre, (February 26, 2019). This II MeTACC joint Montseny has a dual objective, on the one hand to address the issue of financing and insurers related to climate change adaptation and secondly, promote an enriching debate to create synergies between the actions and actors of the three territories.