Signature Pact for adaptation to climate change (ACC)

The objective of the Pact for Adaptation to Climate Change is to create a network of administrations, companies, entities and other organizations committed to implementing actions that help to increase the resilience of the territories and the economic activities that take place in them.Clinomics offers the signatories of the pact a proven methodology and a platform for the exchange of ideas and good practices. Also the materials that have been developed during the three years of the project: diagnosis of vulnerability, adaptation strategy to climate change, action plans, pilot actions, exhibition, training, dissemination materials for different sectors: forestry, tourism, agricultural, fishing and administration.

What is necessary to do to sign the pact?

1- Download it in the language of interest
2- Sign it (electronic signature, if available) by a representative of the entity
3- Send it in pdf, once signed, to

Once your email is received, we will put the name of your entity on the web page and you will become part of the Network for Adaptation to Climate Change (XACC), where all the signatories of the agreement will participate.
This will allow you to participate in all the activities organized by the XACC, share and show your progress, and use relevance as a reference for the personality of your organization.


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