The Climate Reality Project initiative, promoted by the former vice president of the United States and Nobel Peace Prize Al Gore, every year presents the Climate Leaders Awards, recognition of people, companies or entities that are outstanding in the fight against climate change.

The Life Clinomics project, coordinated by the Diputación de Barcelona, ​​received the award in the category of best project for the reduction of emissions and adaptation to climate change.

Martí Domènech, coordinator of the Environment Department of the Barcelona Provincial Council, was in charge of attending the event on behalf of the project. Sergio de Otto of the Renewable Foundation and Cósima Rodríguez of Climate Reality, the host institution of the event, proclaimed the decision from the stage.

The ceremony took place in Madrid and, presented by actress Sara Escudero, had about 300 attendees. The awards to other categories were: the best outreach initiative, for Moving for Climate Now; the most outstanding NGO, for ISGLOBAL; the means of communication, for El País; the local administration, for the Department of Environment of the Basque Government; the young personality, for Greta Thumberg and the Fridays for Future initiative; the startup, for the Sevillian company Ciclogreen; the effort for the fight against climate change, for the Spanish Group for Green Growth; and in public personality, for model and actor Jon Kortajarena.

The jury was chaired by Álvaro Rodríguez, general coordinator of The Climate Reality Project in Spain, and had renowned personalities in the field of environment such as Alicia Torrego of the Conama Foundation, Cristina Monge de Ecodes, the expert in sustainable mobility Antonio Lucio, the meteorologist Mercedes Martín de Antena 3, Serio de Otto, Luís Jiménez Herrero, president of Asyps, or Carmen Domínguez of Mykado Media.